Sneak Peak : Planning the Layout

As a visual person, I usually come up with ideas on how things are going to look like at the same time as what the content will be. The upcoming study guide is no exception. As I'm writing, I also allow space for quick thumbnail sketches of what the pages could look like in my project binder. Of course nothing is final at this stage, but I like to keep all my layout ideas in one place so that when I'm ready to dive into it, I'll have a better grasp on the direction I want to take for the final look of the book. 

In the picture you can see the first few layout sketches for the potential look of the introduction to each chapter. One of my ideas was to emulate the look of a dollar bill for each chapter. But I don't think this concept will make the final cut as it's not putting enough emphasis on what's most important. I tend to think in terms of how the readers will visually experience the book as they turns the pages and I also keep in mind what I want them to notice first or pay attention to the most, while being aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. After discovering that the book is organized in five main sections, I'm considering putting more emphasis on the sections rather then the chapters as they are more relevant than the individual chapters. 

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